Recipe Revelations

I gotta say, some of these recipes make me go “Huh?”

Last night’s dinner was Spicy Glazed Meatloaf.  I grew up eating meat loaf, it was one of my Mom’s staples.  So I think of it as a kind of ground-beef log with some onions and a few breadcrumbs in it.  Not much more than a family-sized hamburger, I’d get a slice and dip the pieces in a pool of ketchup.  No surprises in flavor, and not all that healthy.  So THIS meatloaf wasn’t at all what I had in mind.  It contained a whole bunch of vegetables — celery, carrot, and onion, finely chopped by tossing chunks into a food processor — and a cup of rolled oats.  Baked with a cumin-spiced glaze on top.  And wow, was it delicious!  Totally different, lighter texture and great taste.  And with all those ingredients, it’s got to be healthier than Mom’s version.

Then this morning, I made 2 poached eggs over bok choy steamed with soy sauce, and 2 slices of whole grain toast.  Bok choy for breakfast?!?  Once again, the flavors were surprisingly good, plus I felt satisfied by such a healthy meal.  Same goes for my lunch, which was a spinach salad with a whole can of sardines (y’know, sardines, the #1 food you should eat and probably don’t) and pinto beans tossed in.

There is wisdom in this meal plan.  Being told what to eat every day is exactly what I needed.  Instead of stumbling into the kitchen, low on energy, and trying to figure out what’s for breakfast or dinner, I just look at the list taped on my fridge.  The recipes themselves are not just random ways to put together healthy ingredients.  They produce flavors and textures that startle me, and they’re packed with nutrition.  The meal plan is smart enough to use up the leftovers from a previous meal in new and creative ways, so I don’t feel like I’m eating the same thing again.  I love to use my cooking skills, and these recipes are plenty of fun without being overly complicated.  So far I have no trouble fitting these meals into my perpetually busy schedule.  I’m inspired.


~ by pasadenagina on January 10, 2012.

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