Grocery Shopping Adventures

The first step in my new Clean Eating meal plan was to go grocery shopping.  They even helpfully provided a list.  I grabbed my reusable bags and headed for my familiar local Safeway.

About $150 later, I had a pantry full of incredibly healthy foods.  The produce bins in my refrigerator were so full I was playing Tetris trying to get everything to fit. I had failed to find one item, 4 oz of Pacific halibut fillet — Safeway had frozen steaks only, two for $15, which seemed awfully steep.  I remembered that my good friend Sara, whose husband is a commercial fisherman in Kodiak AK, had gifted me with a cooler full of fresh fish this summer, and that among all the hearty wild salmon was a random piece of white fish.  Rummaging in the freezer, I turned up a huge slab of the most perfect Pacific halibut I could wish for, wild and fresh off the boat.  Done!  Now I can’t wait for dinner on Day 2, yum!

It’s a little intimidating having all that fresh food in my refrigerator.  Because I live alone and don’t often feed anyone but myself, it’s easy to watch ingredients, produce especially, go to waste.  I really hate throwing away food, almost as much as I hate plastic grocery bags.  But I’m happy to report that, after only two days of following this plan, the fresh Thyme (what a wonderful herb) is half gone.  I suspect the good folks who wrote this meal plan actually tested it, and thought out how to make use of all the ingredients.


~ by pasadenagina on January 10, 2012.

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