A ninja at No

My new motto for 2012 is “There’s no good reason we can’t be civilized about this.”

Face it, life gets crazy.  Sometimes I think we ask for the craziness, and sometimes I think we’re just not very good at avoiding it.  Not me, though.  I have learned my lessons the hard way, and have gotten very good at dodging drama and telling stress it is not invited to the party.  I am a ninja at saying No.

But craziness always tries to come back.  I got up Wednesday morning knowing that I’d have to be at work early, attend several important meetings, dance deftly on my organizational toes, and get home much later than usual.  And as I’m considering all this over my early morning coffee, there’s the meal plan staring at me from the refrigerator door.  During that otherwise crazy day, I’m supposed to eat eggs and potato salad for breakfast, meat loaf and a salad for lunch, cottage cheese with nuts and raisins for a snack, and a curious dish comprising salmon, beets, and lentils for dinner.  Oh, sure, right?

I find that my energy levels throughout the day have a lot to do with what I’m eating.  The wrong foods can send me on an energy roller coaster, at the end of which I can easily crash and not recover until I have to get up the next morning.  Not so with this meal plan.  The nutritional balance is such that I can keep going all day.  Not willing to miss out on that advantage, I managed to stick with the Clean Eating plan today.  I cooked several of tonight’s dinner ingredients last night, so when I finally do get home, all I have to do is assemble and heat the dish.  Mercifully, breakfast and lunch were simple to put together and take with me.

Tonight’s dinner was a bit weird.  Salad greens topped by roasted beets, salmon, and lentils with a raspberry vinaigrette drizzled on top.  Nothing wrong with the individual ingredients, but too strange and unappealing in combination.  (Not nearly as good as the gingerbread cookie with caramel creme that I spontaneously picked up on my way through the train station — maybe not Clean Eating, but truly the tastiest thing I ate all day!)

As long as I can anticipate days like this, I can stick with the plan.  Hopefully I can learn to pre-pack my dinners, too, so I can go to an evening yoga class and not wait until I get home late to eat supper.


~ by pasadenagina on January 12, 2012.

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