It’s not hunger making me grumpy, I swear.  These Clean Eating meals have been more than satisfying.  Some of them are so generous I struggle to eat the whole plate.

But if this plan throws one more squeezed lemon & EVOO dressing at me, I’m going to scream.  I get the concept.  Salads and things don’t need a ton of fancy ingredients, and the natural flavors are best enhanced by a simple spritz of fresh citrus and healthy oil.  But lemon & EVOO on salad greens, lemon & EVOO on lentils, lemon & EVOO on fish — gimme a break already.  Lentils aren’t new to me, and frankly, they’re pretty boring without some bold flavors to liven them up.  I miss my balsamic vinegar like nobody’s business.  Lemon gets lost too easily, and I wind up feeling like I’m on one of those shoots & sprouts diets.  If you’re trying to inspire us to eat healthier, please give us flavors we’ll remember.

Come to think of it, following the Clean Eating instructions I made plain quinoa the other day too.  I love quinoa, I keep bulk amounts of it in the pantry.  But….. plain?  Yaawwwnnnn.  Would it kill your Clean Eating sensibilities to throw in a few sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, and maybe some goat cheese?  Not to sound like I’m trying to cheat or anything, but I added a dash of salt & pepper while you weren’t looking.  Hmph.

I made it through lunch, which was greens with salmon and beets, like last night’s dinner weirdness.  I finished up the fresh raspberry dressing, which I liked, but I’m not making that combination again.

Allow me to change my tune on today’s breakfast, though.  The Breakfast Hash, made from leftover Spicy Glazed Meatloaf with some added quinoa and egg whites?  Fantastic!!  Hearty, healthy, plenty of taste and a nice boost of nutrition to start my day.  I gobbled down the large portion actually wishing for more.

This meal plan has some valuable lessons in what NOT to do, in addition to all the good advice.  I will know what to modify next time.


~ by pasadenagina on January 12, 2012.

One Response to “Puhleeze”

  1. You will need to update us on your modifications…I can not wait!
    Sounds like after this adventure, Pasadena Gina might have a new twist on clean eating. Is there a cook book in her future? Who knows?

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