Broccoli for Breakfast

Breakfast: A plate with brown rice, stir-fried broccoli, and scrambled eggs.  The instructions said to use 1/2 tsp of soy sauce, and that was the only added flavoring.  Soy sauce bores me by itself, so I replaced it with a bit of chipotle lime marinade from a bottle I already had opened, and a drop of spicy Dragon Sauce.  That added all the pizazz I needed to an otherwise delicious mix of ingredients.

The quantity was more than satisfying, too.  Usually two scrambled eggs are sufficient for me, but with the addition of two cups of broccoli and half cup of brown rice (I use Trader Joe’s yummy Brown Rice Medley, which also contains black barley and daikon radish seeds) it was a hearty, filling meal.

Lunch: Chopped raw veggies and fruit, chicken, and yogurt.  And what do they want me to add for flavor?  Yep… another squeeze of lemon.  Aaaaauuuughhh!  Clean Eating, spice it up a little, willya?  You seriously want me to eat a bowl of shredded cabbage and boneless, skinless chicken with nothing but plain yogurt, and pretend to be happy about it?  I’m onto your ways, so I made a guilt-free dressing out of the yogurt, whirred in a blender with a piece of leftover cucumber and some dill.  It got me through this bowl of blandness.  Please invite me to come work in your test kitchen, and teach you that a clean diet does not have to be mutually exclusive with flavor.

Dinner: Last night I had to punt because of a late class, so I made last night’s Chicken Stir Fry tonight.  Nothing wrong with it at all, except for the predictable splash of soy sauce.  I replaced it with a light drizzle of my aforementioned chipotle lime marinade, and it was great.

In general, I’m disappointed with Clean Eating’s recommendations for how to flavor meals.  I understand they don’t want to cover up the natural flavors of good ingredients, and therefore stick to the simplest highlights — a spritz of citrus, or a touch of soy sauce.  But I love to cook, and want a bigger boost.  Not to cover anything up, and definitely not at the expense of added fats, salt, or artificial ingredients, but just simply to introduce another layer of taste and complexity.  I want to eat healthy, but not have it feel like I’m going out on my lawn to graze.  I will continue to try what they suggest, but reserve the right to add my own touches.

That said, the healthy part of this meal plan is doing wonders for me.  I don’t just feel energetic, I feel energetically balanced without the highs and lows I used to get.  The portions are more than satisfying, without feeling like I ate too much.  I’m not really thinking about food when it’s time for my next snack or meal.  What Weight Watchers always tries to teach about eating more of the right kinds of foods, this plan implements.  For almost a week now, this meal plan has kept me entirely away from junk (okay, with the exception of that cookie, which was worth it!) and I haven’t felt deprived for a moment.


~ by pasadenagina on January 13, 2012.

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  1. Ok….I’m off to get a copy. (I know you are surprised I already don’t have one.) I think I will set a date to start the meal plan as well. You have inspired me. I’ll keep you posted.

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