The weekend came, and with it lots of happy distractions that diverted me from the meal plan.  Fortunately, I didn’t detour too far.  There were lots of leftovers in the fridge, and I repeated a few of the new creations I’d learned earlier in the week.  I splurged on one dinner out, and strayed once to satisfy a craving for whole-wheat waffles with a juicy fruit salad, but otherwise stuck to Clean Eating.

Saturday mornings is when I step on the scale, and this week I dropped only half a pound.  After a whole week of eating a near-perfect diet, which has been carefully calculated for 1400-1700 nutrition packed calories per day, I would have expected my body to react differently.  Juggling the various factors that make the scale move is a hard challenge for me, but one that I’ve resolved to face head-on this year.  However….. my primary motivations for trying this plan go far beyond that.  I’ve committed myself to learning how to eat better, and I know that tweaking a different lever — getting more exercise, more consistently — will do the trick.

I got up early this morning, and made my grocery shopping list for this week.  This time I read ahead for any references to squeezed lemons, and started thinking about ways to add flavor to some of these dishes.  I mixed up a batch of Lemon Tahini Dressing for just those occasions.

Here’s a TED video, where Matt Cutts talks about committing one month to making small changes in your life.  It turns out, that’s just about the right amount of time to develop a good habit, or drop a bad one, so that the change becomes sustainable.  Watch and think about how your life could be different NEXT month.


~ by pasadenagina on January 16, 2012.

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