Moroccan-Style Stuffed Squash

The new March 2012 issue of Clean Eating magazine came with a new 2-week meal plan (starts on page 79).  After some major interruptions in life, I am more ready than ever to take care of myself.  Having this meal plan removes the stress of decision-making when it comes to food.  It’s grounding that way.  I enjoy trying new recipes, and improving on them.  All the while knowing I’m doing something healthy.

Did ya see the news today, that Mars will discontinue king-size candy bars by the end of 2013?  Between that and Hostess filing for bankruptcy, the times they are a-changin’.   We as a culture are starting to wake up and realize that what we eat can make or break our health.  Our diet has been out of control, and we simply can’t get away with it anymore.

For tonight’s dinner, I made the Moroccan-Style Stuffed Squash (Clean Eating, March 2012 issue, page 80).  It’s a baked acorn squash stuffed with a spicy mixture of vegetables, raisins, chickpeas, and cous cous.  Delicious and filling, this is total comfort food.

I’m no professional when it comes to cooking or food photography, but check out how good this looks!


~ by pasadenagina on February 15, 2012.

One Response to “Moroccan-Style Stuffed Squash”

  1. Very nice job! What rave reviews did the recipe get? I think it is one I might like to try….I love squash.

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