Coffeeneuring 2015

The Coffeeneuring Challenge is an endeavor promoted by Chasing Mailboxes, now in its fifth year.  In short, it encourages you to ride your bike to coffee shops.  For seven weekends in a row, starting in early October.  The rewards?  Coffee, bike rides, and possibly a small prize at the end of the challenge.  What’s not to like?

Someone will ask. “Coffeeneuring” = Coffee + Randonneuring.  Randonneuring is long-distance cycling.  With an element of exploration (or maybe I added that, because I think if you ride 200+ miles you’re bound to see SOMETHING new, and Coffeeneuring is an opportunity to visit new coffee shops).

There are a few rules, but they’re reasonable and intuitive.  You have a lot of rein to make your coffee rides as long or short, easy or challenging, mundane or memorable, as you see fit.

Since I recently moved to Arlington, VA and started bike commuting, and I love cozy coffee shops, this one is a no-brainer.  Almost like an excuse to do things I enjoy and explore new places.  Yeah, I’m in.

Bike rides and coffee? I like this challenge a latte.

Bike rides and coffee? I like this challenge a latte.


~ by pasadenagina on October 3, 2015.

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