Eastern Market

Coffeeneuring, Ride 5

WHERE: DC Donuts tent @ Eastern Market [225 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003, (202) 698-5253]


WHEN: Sunday, 1 November 2015

WHAT I DRANK: Drip coffee with cream

WHY GO: The whole busy market experience

HOW FAR: 14.82 miles

The forecast said the rain would end at 11:00 AM, and at precisely 11:06 the clouds parted enough to let the sun through.

Vaya and I took off for Eastern Market.  A quick review of great DC coffee shops sent me towards one rumored to make Nutella lattes.  We had a perfect ride down the Martha Custis trail and along the Potomac River, then crossed into DC to wind our way up towards Eastern Market.

Alas…. What was Pound on the Hill had been taken over by new owners last summer.  I should have read up enough to find out the new Bourbon Coffee is apparently still serving Nutella lattes, but instead I detoured to Eastern Market itself, which is always buzzing with activity on weekends.

Vaya was secured at one of the many bike racks near the Rumsey Aquatic Center while I cruised the vendor stands inside and outside.  Everything from vegetables to handmade crafts are for sale.  There are many hip coffee shops in the area, including the popular (and award winning) Peregrine Espresso.  I opted instead for a simple cup of drip coffee and cream from the DC Donuts tent, and drank it on a bench marveling at the warm afternoon in early November.

The clocks were set back to Standard Time this morning.  I felt my extra hour of the day was well spent outdoors.

Pause along the Potomac

Pause along the Potomac

Watched someone feeding the ducks

Watched someone feeding the ducks

Drip coffee enjoyed outdoors

Drip coffee enjoyed outdoors

Vaya waiting patiently

Vaya waiting patiently

Bustling Eastern Market shops and booths

Bustling Eastern Market shops and booths


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