Best Buns Bread Company

Coffeeneuring, Ride 6

WHERE: Best Buns Bread Company [4010 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA 22206, (703) 578-1500]

WHEN: Sunday, 8 November 2015

WHAT I DRANK: White chocolate mocha

WHY GO: Al fresco seating

HOW FAR: 8.76 miles

After loads of fun yesterday at the Philadelphia Bike Expo, today was a relatively slack day.  I finally nudged myself to get outside around 3:00 PM, and Vaya and I drifted down the W&OD trail to Shirlington.

Best Buns is one of the regular morning coffee destinations for Arlington bike commuters, so I’d been there before. The place was still busy while I stood in line for a white chocolate mocha and a lemon cupcake (review: To Die For).

One of the nicest parts about Shirlington is outdoor seating at most of the restaurants, so I occupied one of the empty tables on the sidewalk.  Minutes later, one of the staff from the Carlyle Grand Cafe came out to tell me she’d turned on the patio heaters, since the sun was setting and the temperatures were dropping.  I thanked her, both of us agreeing that the fresh air was of utmost importance.

I wasn’t alone long, as my friend Peter biked up from Alexandria to join me.  Although he’s not a coffee drinker, he bought a raspberry pastry and we shared treats.  After 5+ years of driving to/from Maryland, we’re both happier to live only a bike ride away.

My ride home was smooth and quiet as darkness fell, and I zipped up my jacket to avoid getting chilled.  Among the typical encounters with people walking, biking, and pushing strollers, I was curious to see an odd shape slink across the trail in Glencarlyn Park and duck into the shrubs.  Training my helmet light to the spot where I thought it had gone, I was delighted to see a red fox watching me as I slowly rolled past.  I took it as a good omen for things to come.

Lemon and white chocolate treats.

Lemon and white chocolate treats.

Al fresco coffeeneuring.

Al fresco coffeeneuring.

Sweets with my sweetie.

Sweets with my sweetie.


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