M.E. Swing’s Coffee Roasters

Coffeeneuring Ride 2

WHERE: Swing’s [501 East Monroe Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301, (703) 370-5050]


WHEN: Saturday, 15 October 2016

WHAT I DRANK: Macchiato with a chocolate croissant

WHY GO: The real deal. High quality roasts and authentic brewing practices, in a comfortable atmosphere.

HOW FAR: 10.2 miles round trip (Strava link)

The best so far of the new-to-me coffee shops in my neighborhood.  I left early and, after a quick stop at the Del Ray farmers market, spent about an hour at Swing’s reading newspapers over my appropriately served macchiato in a tiny mug. Swing’s has a bike rack in front of the shop, which was full with fellow travelers only a few minutes after the store opened.  The large coffee bar, furniture made from reclaimed wood, and huge windows create an inviting atmosphere, where it’s comfortable to linger awhile.

Little did I know when I left, that I had chocolate smears on my nose — and how long did I spend out in public before I figured that out?  At least I remembered to buy two bags of coffee beans, so I can brew my own at home!

From there I headed for the warehouse sale hosted by Bikes for the World.  On the way in I ran into Judd, looking for a cheap fixie frame but leaving empty handed.  Peter met me there, and of all the bikes we were most impressed by a Trek 520 outfitted with Rohloff gearing in the back and a generator hub in the front.  We weren’t really considering buying it, but the cashier whisked it away rather rudely when someone else did.  Peter scored a nice 26-inch wheel to fix up an old mountain bike, and some parts.

After a whole summer of regular commuting, and some long rides culminating in the 5-day New York to DC Climate Ride, I’m enjoying these mellow autumn explorations!


~ by pasadenagina on October 16, 2016.

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