Sugar Shack

Coffeeneuring Ride 5

WHERE: Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee [1014 S Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22204, (703) 577-9636]

WHEN: Friday, 4 November 2016

WHAT I DRANK: Whole milk latte, with two donuts

WHY GO: Donuts, of course. And Zeke’s coffee.

HOW FAR: 4.6 miles round trip (Strava link)

I’d been saving this one. I usually don’t crave (or even like, much) sugar for breakfast. But I can’t resist a great donut, and having driven past Sugar Shack about four hundred times lately, I finally gave myself permission to chalk it up as a coffeeneuring stop (sticking with my theme of trying all new places). I don’t know if 4-1/2 miles with 185 feet of elevation gain really justifies TWO donuts, but I indulged. My Polar activity monitor was happy with me, and her (of course it’s a she) opinion is the only one that matters!

There are good ways and bad ways to get from my neighborhood to anywhere on the Pike. I chose to brave the short section of S Glebe Road that goes under I-395, literally one block, but it was kind of a mistake.  I stuck to the sidewalk as long as I could, but still had to cross the on-ramp to the interstate.  As I waited with my neck craned around watching a stream of cars go past, I realized they had suddenly stopped. A bearded biker dude on a Harley-Davidson had taken pity on me and halted traffic so I could cross.  With a friendly “You goin’?” he waved me along, and I flashed him a smile and a peace sign as I sprinted to the next stop light.  Having learned my lesson, I took S Shirlington Road to the Four Mile Run trail on the way back.

Sugar Shack.  What can I say?  This place is heaven for donut aficionados.  Perusing the chalkboard menu with the day’s gourmet selections, I ordered a French Toast donut and a glazed with chocolate and peanuts.  The trick to counteracting all that sugar is to consume enough caffeine, so I chose a large latte.  They serve Zeke’s coffee (roasted in Baltimore and DC), one of my absolute favorites.  Indoors they have window seating and a few small tables, but on such a nice day I retreated to the bench outside where Vaya was locked up. (There are better bike racks further down the block.) The French Toast donut went down quickly.  Then I debated the wisdom of eating the second, but it too disappeared.  Oh yeah, totally worth the impending sugar crash.


~ by pasadenagina on November 4, 2016.

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