Wafle Shop

2017 Coffeeneuring Ride 6

IMG_0621WHERE: Wafle Shop [3864 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22305]

WHEN: Friday, 17 November 2017

WHAT I DRANK: Regular coffee, with a waffle, eggs and bacon

WHY GO: All charm, open all day, counter seating

HOW FAR: 2.9 mile loop (Strava link)

Curiosity finally won.

After living in Arlandria (unofficial name of the corner between south Arlington and the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria) over a year, I’d passed this little diner dozens of times without stopping.  Coffeeneuring is the perfect excuse to explore places like this  and who wouldn’t be curious about a shop with a misspelled sign on its front awning?!?

Needing to chalk up two more rides near the end of the 2017 season, I hastily made a plan to visit Wafle Shop pre-dawn so I could squeeze it into a day full of dependencies.  I half expected to be alone, but I posted on my local bike forum with no more than half a day’s notice, and three people actually showed up!  Bike commuter friends are the best.

Wafle Shop only has counter seating indoors, with capacity for maybe a dozen (?) people. I suspect locals like it that way.  Seats were about half full with blue-collar types, and one woman who looked old enough to be retired but said she comes every day for breakfast before work.  (She later wondered out loud why I was taking pictures of my food. Busted!)

I ordered regular coffee, which wasn’t half bad, and a waffle (it seemed like a must-do) with two eggs and bacon.  The food was excellent.  Our counter seats directly faced the grill, and there’s just something homey about watching your food happen while talking sideways to your friends.

We wondered about the misspelled sign, of course, but nobody dared to ask.  The place has been there a forever, long enough that someone would’ve pointed out the mistake.  I Googled it when I got home, and learned that a decision was made back in 2012; “The Waffle Shop in Arlandria will keep its quirky and iconic misspelled awnings.”  Why?  Because “Ownership had a change of heart after learning of the support and appreciation for the awnings from customers and neighbors. One man even asked to purchase one of the awnings after learning of ownership’s decision to replace them.”

Instead, money secured through AEDP’s Facade Improvement Grant Program was used to rehabilitate the restaurant’s properly spelled neon sign, which now hangs on the brick beside the quirky awning.  Wafle Shop is what it is because the people of Del Ray like it that way.



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