About Me

As I like to say….. I’m a photographer, and I work for the National Geographic Society. (I stole the line from the security guard who takes mug shots of all new employees, for the badges we carry to access the buildings.)

I work in the NGS Information Systems & Technology department, as a Project Manager. To answer everyone’s first inevitable question, no, they don’t send me anyplace exotic as part of my job. It’s a matter of perspective, I guess, because I think being sent on a business mission to the Cartography or Photographic departments of such a venerable institution is pretty damned cool. It’s an amazing place, where everyone believes in the mission. More so than all the years I spent working as a contractor in support of the Republican war machine, I finally feel like I’m exactly where I belong. Every job has lousy days, but even on the worst of them I can wander through our exhibits or publications and find something that rejuvenates my faith and energy.

I’ve always owned cameras and taken pictures. But it wasn’t until recently that I injected passion into the pastime and started making photographs. As an outdoorsy, adventurous type — sea kayaking, road biking, hiking & backpacking, skiing, etc — photography captures my admiration of the natural world. The technology of camera and optics equipment also has a geeky appeal for me, which led me to birding and digiscoping. I started this blog to record things I’ve learned along the way, in hopes my small discoveries might resonate with others.

Live with inspiration.

Gina Cicotello
Pasadena, MD


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